Why we called them Wingless "SPEC" Sprints

Back in 1998 when Antioch Speedway promoter John Soares, Don Martin, and myself first talked about starting this class, we wanted a name or term that would differentiate these cars from other forms or divisions of 360 sprints whether they were winged or not. (EX. Bandits sprints, Rebel sprints, etc.) 

We came up SPEC from the fact they used Sprint Parts, and it was an Economy Class compared to other forms of sprint car racing, so Sprint Parts, Economy Class = SPEC. The term SPEC just differentiates this class. Some tracks call them Wingless Sprints, Speedway Sprints, Modified Sprints and some call them Spec Sprints.

These cars no-matter what group or track, all carry the same basic rules, that make this an more affordable sprint class to run. The cars run 360 c.i. all cast iron blocks & heads with a 2 barrel carburetor, and must be self starting. Other than the engine these are full blown sprint cars. These cars have been clocked at 13.5 seconds around Antioch Speedway's fast 1/4 mile track, about 1.5 slower than the average winged sprinter there. It has become one of the fastest growing classes here in California.

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