Updated: October 5, 2017
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LOK getting the car ready to go.Gage Walkers car getting some attention.Travis BerryhillRay Green and I watching from the back straight.Justin Dickerson's NDR car all ready.Pit area next to ours... Tuesday nught was busy.Manic Racing carsMyself talking with Brian WalkerMike Dickerson making last minute adjustmentsThe end of our race dayLoaded up, ready for the trip homeOver looking I-44 on the trip home
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January 9-13
Tulsa, Oklahoma
I know I haven't updated this site for a couple of months, but as you will briefly read, there were good reasons why.

We went to Kokomo on July 30 to run the Spike/Esslinger. Linda had a fall in the pit area that resulted in a broken hip. Thankfully it wasn't as bad as it could of been. She had surgery and is on the mend. And yes I run that night as she wanted though my heart wasn't in to it.

I tried running by myself a few weeks later at Montpelier, did alright but it kicked my ass. So we decided to park the car till Chili Bowl where Linda should be good as new.

We have also sold our Stealth/Fontana to our friend from Colorado, Dale Johnston. As of now Dale and I will run our cars as a team for Chili Bowl. It's something that he's wanted to do, as well as just own and drive a midget.

I've hardly touched the new Stealth chassis build yet with all that's happened, so now I'll get started on that
So with all this going on I needed a break from things, something different. I had always wondered what it would be like to road race, well here in the future I might find out.

The Formula Vee class is what I've been looking at after I became friends with some of the Challenge Cup Series Formula Vee group at Pocono Raceway. They welcomed me with open arms, so much that I traveled to Watkins Glen to crew for one of the teams.

Could an FV be in my future? we'll see what time and winter brings...

More later, DOK