Updated: May 20, 2017
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Well here on 4/20 day I've got a couple of updates...

As of now our season will start May 7 at Kokomo Speedway. This show is part of the Montpelier/Kokomo Midget effort using the same rules Montpelier has had the last 3+years. This also involves USAC's D2 effort that started last year at Montpelier.

The other update we have is our Stealth/Fontana is going to be back in action after an engine refresh. Originally we were going to do a few updates and maybe upgrade the engine, but that has all changed.

We've decided to put together one last new midget, a new Stealth chassis built by Spike, with another updated Esslinger XT built by RayPro. It'll be awhile till all this gets done, but hopefully this all will pay off in the long run as we plan our last 2 years possibly in this form of racing.

The Stealth Fontana may be in a new home sometime this summer as plans are in the works... but nothing is done till it's done.

More later... DOK  

Well between Linda's work. my health, and or course the weather we haven't ran our car yet. I have been busy with some crew chief duties and helping a few folks get things straightened out on their cars though.

We'll see when we actually hit the track but in the mean time we'll start putting together our new Spike/Stealth we just received. I'll keep you posted as it proceeds.
I'll working on a new blog type web page thru Wix.com that I'll probably link to this page in the near future... it looks far more manageable than what I've dealt with on this Homestead site...

More later...... DOK