Updated: October 27, 2018
" Get busy living or get busy dying. That's goddamn right."
Red from the movie "The Shawshank Redemption
2019 will be our 45th year racing!
Sportsman, Stockcars.
Winged-Non Wing Sprints.
Silver Crown, Midgets & Formula Vee
LOK getting the car ready to go.Gage Walkers car getting some attention.Travis BerryhillRay Green and I watching from the back straight.Justin Dickerson's NDR car all ready.Pit area next to ours... Tuesday nught was busy.Manic Racing carsMyself talking with Brian WalkerMike Dickerson making last minute adjustmentsThe end of our race dayLoaded up, ready for the trip homeOver looking I-44 on the trip home
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A lot has happened in the last month plus...

We ran the Formula Vee at Watkins Glen (Sept. 15-16) with the Challenge Cup group and have a great time. Thanks to all that made us feel so welcome. We are looking forward to more runs with you in 2019.

I've finally gotten my head out of my rear and started finishing up the Stealth midget. Need to thank Dennis and Alex Nalon for giving us a hand getting things going.

Got to help Mike Dickerson and his son Justin with their family owned Spike/Esslinger midget as they ran the BC39 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. We also ran a few local shows and finished the season with a strong run at the Kokomo Klash.

Linda had knee replacement surgery this past Monday and has a slow steady recovery ahead of her. So far things are looking good, and her goal is to be ready for us to run the 2019 Chili Bowl.

With that being said as I turned 62 earlier this month, the 2019 Chili Bowl may be my last CB as a driver. No not retiring from driving just yet, there's a few more years left.

I'll post a few photos below... more later, DOK
Jan. 14-19, 2019
Chili Bowl
Tulsa Expo Center
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Justin Dickerson at Kokomo Speedway