2003 WSS Combined Rosters

No. Driver   Affiliate
0k  Don O'Keefe Jr.  All Pro*
0   Charlie Correia  CSRA/All Pro/NCMA
0   Leon Holloway  NCMA
1   Tim Sherman  CSRA/NCMA
1f  James Postell  CSRA/NCMA
1   Dave Emery Jr.  Orland/CSRA
1   Bill Wallace  All Pro
2   Rick Williams  All Pro
2   George Terry  NCMA
2X  Mike Johnson  NCMA
3   Jeremy Mendes  All Pro
3   Ty Hawkins  CSRA
3g  David Goodwill  All Pro
4   Daryl Moore  All Pro
5   Rusty Langley  All Pro/CSRA
5   Todd Aylward  CSRA
5   Stan Hansen   Orland
6   Jeff Rose  All Pro
6a  Mark Smith  All Pro
6   Jim Janssen  NCMA
7   Steve Amador  NCMA
7   Brian Gray  All Pro
7   Dan Bruno  Orland/All Pro
7d  David Derr  CSRA
7m  John Keith  All Pro
8   Dan Gonderman  All Pro/NCMA/CSRA
8   Rob Worthington  Orland
9   David Hays Jr.  All Pro
10  Steve Mentch  All Pro*
10  Mark Wells  CSRA
11D Danny Olmstead  All Pro/NCMA
11  Russ Wullenwaber NCMA
12  Bill Felver  NCMA
13  Doug Brewer  All Pro
14  Doug Emery  Prland/CSRA
14  Daren Thomas  NCMA
15  Jim Perry Jr.  All Pro
16  John Hendrickson All Pro
14  Daren Thomas  NCMA
17  Doug Gandy  NCMA
17  Joey Santos  All Pro
17  Gary Koster  CSRA/Orland
18  Jason DeWolf  CSRA
18  Anthony Dicero  All Pro/CSRA
19  Kraig Collins  All Pro*
19b Billy Garcia    CSRA/Orland
20  Keith Shepherd  NCMA
21  Jim Perry III  All Pro
21  Robert Engstrom  NCMA*
21  Brian Cannon   Orland
22  Bruce Slover  NCMA
22  Roy Fisher  All Pro
22  Steve Nelson  CSRA
23  John Baughman  All Pro
23  Roy Greer  NCMA*
24  Brandi Ford  All Pro
24  Pat Goodwill  All Pro*
25  Sal Mannina  All Pro
26  Dudley Burrows  Orland
27  Doug Henry  All Pro
27x Pat Bisio  All Pro/Orland
28  Brian Lokmor  All Pro
29  Billy Fraser  All Pro
33  Jason McIntosh  All Pro
33  Dave Sims   CSRA/Orland
33  Henry Mitchell III NCMA*
36  Bob Newberry  All Pro
38  John Fenton  NCMA
40  Darrell Hanestad All Pro
40  Chris Webber  Orland
40H John Hopkins  CSRA/Orland
41  Chris DeRuyter  All Pro
41  Scott Holloway  NCMA/All Pro
42  Michael Zarevich NCMA
44  Sam Fries   CSRA/Orland/All Pro
45  Brian Mead  Orland/CSRA
45  Bill Zarevich  NCMA
48  Ron McBride  CSRA
50  Don Emery  Orland/CSRA
52  Guy Bean  Orland
54  Dave Emery Sr.  Orland/CSRA
55  Scott Merrell  All Pro
57  Troy Caraway  All Pro
64  Terry Tarditi  All Pro
65  Jimmy Steward  CSRA
66  Nick McMichael  All Pro
67  Ricky Eversult  CSRA/NCMA
69  Josh Jacobo  Orland/CSRA
71  Bobby Nichols  CSRA/All Pro
71  Kevin Lewis  All Pro
75  Robert Baker  Orland
76  Ed Amador Sr.  NCMA
77  Chris Magoon  All Pro
77m Jim Meyers  NCMA*
77  Burt Siverling  NCMA
79  Don Hicks  NCMA
83  Scott Pierson  CSRA/Orland
86  Ed Butterfield  Orland
90t Tom Henry  All Pro
91  Dave Kinnard  NCMA
92  Duane Watson  All Pro**
93  Steven Williams  NCMA/All Pro
94  Ed Leis   All Pro**
94  Tony Richards  Orland
99  Dale Mehales  All Pro*
00  Jerry Bartlett  Orland/CSRA
00  Tim Ore   All Pro
04  Rick Panfili  All Pro
XX  Bernie Carter  CSRA/All Pro
XX  Pat Araiz  NCMA

* Has car but hasn't raced yet this season.
** Practiced at Antioch Fair Playday

NOTE: Some of the CSRA Car #'s may be innacurate due to lack of informations from CSRA.  These drivers who don't have an "*" next to their name have raced at least once this year, but CSRA informations has not been made available to The DCRR or WWW.LOKENT.COM as of 9/5/03

Thanks to Don Martin II who took the effort to compile this list.